Is your high motivation the cause for your weight loss failure?

When we start a new “diet” we often go at it with everything we’ve got… Motivation is high and we wanna do the best we can.

This usually means going to the gym 3, 4 and often 5 days a week, plus changing up your diet and cutting out all those “bad” foods.

There are two issues with this though…

1. As humans we often work in black and white.

2. Our lives are unpredictable and more important things often get in the way.

So, week one of your diet might go well. You’ll probably smash your gym sessions and manage to resist all the tempting foods.

HOWEVER, at some point, something is going to get in the way…

…You may have a stressful day and work and feel too tired to work out.

…There may be a birthday in the office and you have “some” cake.

…Your friend is having a wedding celebration and there is lots of food available.

…You’re off on a relaxing holiday next week.

…You’re just not feeling it today.

….you get the idea. There’s always something.

This is where working in black and white is our downfall…

…We are either “on” or “off” our diet or workout plan.

There’s no in between. You either do it or you don’t.

The problem with high motivation is that you set the bar high and set yourself up for failure.

I just wanna let you know that it’s ok to not be perfect.

If you have a bigger priority today, just make sure you do something…

It could be to eat a piece of fruit or go for a 5 minute walk.

Something is always better than nothing, however!

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